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It’s more than just annoying when your washer or dryer stops working. You may have to go to laundromats or use expensive services to complete your laundry for the week. If the problem persists or you hire an appliance repair company that does not have the necessary equipment to fix it, your routine could be disrupted for weeks.

Luckily, OB Appliance Repair offers washer and dryer repairs in Bensalem, Levittown, and the surrounding areas that can be completed same-day. We have close relationships with appliance part sellers, so it is easy for us to source and replace broken parts in your washer and dryer. We can fix most major brands and have nearly a decade of experience applying our skillset to home laundry appliances.

When You Should Call For Washer Or Dryer Repairs

It’s important to stay vigilant when using your washer and dryer and detect early when your washer or dryer may need repairs. It is good to test a few things first, before jumping to the most extreme conclusion, however.

Try testing your washing machine’s connection to power. It may have come unplugged during a particularly violent cycle, or the circuit breaker may have tripped. The same holds for your dryer.

You may have also run a load that was too large for either machine to handle. If you just put in a larger load than usual and have noticed a problem, then try a smaller one. This may solve the problem immediately.

However, it’s not always so simple. If after you try the above, you can’t get rid of the issue, it’s time to call for washing machine repairs in Bensalem, PA. Call us at 267-485-6014, and we will be happy to discuss what’s wrong with your washer or dryer and schedule service today!

Ongoing Maintenance For Your Washing Machine & Dryer

By keeping up with a few small maintenance tasks, you can prolong the life of your appliances and also reduce the need for washer and dryer repairs in Bensalem and Levittown. We recommend doing the following every so often.

Inspect Your Appliances

Every few months, check the door seals, hoses, and connections on your washing machine. Also, make sure both machines are level and haven’t been knocked askew. Run a load while checking to see that everything is working as expected.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine should be cleaned on a regular basis. There are different cleaning agents available, depending on the issue at hand. Some use specially designed tablets to keep their washing machines fresh, while others rely on household items like bleach or white vinegar. You may run these solutions through an otherwise empty cycle on high heat. You should also clean the detergent compartments and other parts of your washer, like the door.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

In addition to dryer repair in Bensalem and Levittown, PA, OB Appliance Repair also offers dryer vent cleaning. This service removes any built-up lint or dust that has accumulated in your dryer vents and crucially makes it possible for your dryer to effectively dry your clothes. We recommend having this done once every two years.