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Simple Tips for Summer Dishwashing on Busy Days

It’s understandable not to be a big fan of washing dishes. the good news is that summer dishwashing can be a lot easier if you keep the following tips in mind — especially on busy days when you want to get the dishes done as quickly and easily as possible.

Let Greasy or Caked-On Pans Sit

Do the dishes you can easily wash first. While you’re doing this, let the greasy and caked-on pans and pots sit with soaking water inside them. Doing so gives the soap time to loosen things up.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Ice Cubes

Since dishwashers often drain through the garbage disposal’s plumbing, you’ll want it to stay clear. Keep your garbage disposal working well with ice cubes. Add vinegar to the mix for extra cleaning power. You’ll also be reducing your risk of emergency garbage disposal issues.

Do Your Dishes in a Certain Order

When washing by hand, start with glasses. Next, do your cutlery. Do plates next, then pots and pans. Save cast iron skillets or pots for last.

Do Precleaning before Using Your Dishwasher

If you’re not going to do your dishes in the sink, don’t expect your dishwasher to do everything. Take out any pots, pans, or dishes that are dirty or caked with grease or other food substances. These items should be washed separately and put into your dishwasher for one final cleaning or rinsing once you remove the stubborn debris.

Create Your Own Homemade Goo Remover

New pots, pans, and dishes often have stickers on them that are difficult to remove. Create some goo to remove them with a mixture of vegetable oil and baking soda.

Make Cleaning Your Blender Easier

Avoid the risk of minor cuts from the blades and make cleaning easier at the same time by putting some dish soap and water in your blender. Let it run for a few seconds, and your blender will be ready to clean. All you’ll need to do is dry your blender when you’re done. Also, use a thick, soft towel to avoid getting cut by the blades when drying your blender.

Make Things Easier With Your Dish Soap

Buy your dish soap in bulk to save money, and use a foaming soap dispenser to make the soap last longer. Alternatively, you can make your own with baking soda.

Properly Load Your Dishwasher

Put knives in with the handles up. Face your dishes forward towards the center. Put glasses between the tines, not over them. Mix things up with spoons and forks — some with the handle up, some the other way — so they don’t get stuck together. Also, unload the bottom rack first.

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