Make Sure Your Dishes Get Clean

Hire us for dishwasher repair services in Bensalem, Levittown, PA and surrounding areas

Is your dishwasher out of commission? If so, OB Appliance Repair will be happy to fix it for you. We offer dishwasher repair services for property owners in Bensalem, Levittown, PA and surrounding areas. Whether you need dishwasher leak repair services or dishwasher coil repair services, our team has you covered.

Our labor and diagnostics are guaranteed. If there's an issue with our work, we'll come back and fix it for you. Call 215-245-0329 today to schedule your dishwasher repair services. If you go ahead with the repairs, your diagnostic fee will be waived.

When is it time to call a pro?

There are a variety of times when you should call on us for dishwasher repair services. Look to us for repairs when your dishwasher is:

  • Leaking
  • Not cleaning dishes properly
  • Not turning on or running
Want to know more about our dishwasher leak repair services? Get in touch with us today and we'll fill you in.